"…Your new book, Heroic Battles on White Mountain shows removed from dusts, the Armenian people's forgotten or disregarded heroic self-defense battles fought on the White Mountain.


Your publication which comes to light on the centennial of the Armenian Genocide, shows once more that our heroic people knows to sacrifice for a purpose and struggles with tenacity for a legitimate cause, to keep immortal in his soul the persistent spirit of survival. Today, after a hundred years, the Armenian still lives, built a free and independent fatherland and with his skills assists the international civilization…"


Khajak Arch. Barsamian, Primate

Diocese of the Armenian Church East Coast


"…On the Armenian Genocide's centennial you brought to light a glorious page of our modern history, the long term self-defense battles of Sebastia and Yozgat with their neighboring villages' Armenians for survival…

"As your previous volumes, this one, too, has historic and documentary value… You factually show that before 100 years, our people did not live only a tragic life, but with its big and small heroic battles legitimately won its survival and its existence…"


Moushegh Arch. Mardirossian, Prelate

Prelacy of the Armenian Church Western America



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