After surviving the Forced March to Nothingness, been lied to by the Great Powers, and after almost recovering their ravished paradise, once more the Armenian survivors of the genocide are abandoned and desolate.

France handed the liberated Cilicia to Turkey and later gave the province of Iskenderoun to the Turks to the detriment of Armenians and Syrian Arabs.



Armenians struggle to live a decent life in Syria and Lebanon, as elsewhere throughout the world, to get organized as a community and to prosper. Fifty years after 1915, they decide to fight for their right in the world, to reclaim their ravished Armenian paradise, facing total ignorance of their cause. Will they succeed?

With the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, Armenia's mainland declares independence as Hovsep had predicted thirty years before.


Will it survive the enmity of Sunni Turkey and Shiite Azerbaijan?


  • Lausanne Treaty about the survivors.
  • World War II.
  • Founding of Anjar for people of Musa Dagh.
  • Immigration to Armenia.
  • Election of Catholicos Zareh I; earthquake in Lebanon.
  • 1958, revolt against President Chamoun and fratricide of Armenians.
  • 1965, 50-th Anniversary of the Genocide by Worldwide Armenian communities. The war cry "Our Lands, Our Lands" is heard in SSR Armenia capital, Yerevan's streets.
  • Lebanon civil war in 1975. The sons and grandsons of the Armenian genocide survivors begin a struggle for the return of their ravished paradise.
  • Liberation war of Artsakh; Armenia's independence in chronological order.
  • Hovsep passes away in 1960, and with Varteni's death in 2001 ends the second volume of the trilogy.



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