"…You bring to life book-after-book which, with your personal experiences and reasoning, they expresses also the feelings and claims of every Armenian about his historic national values and rights. The reader is fast taken in your setting of memorable events, traveling experiences in historic fatherland, your short stories, and next to your reflections, he also notices that you performed enough research linking the past to the present, and reconfirming the commitment of an Armenian to repossess his historic lands ..."


Moushegh Arch. Mardirossian, Prelate

Prelacy of the Armenia Apostolic Church, West Coast



On the occasion of the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide commemoration, your two volumes - Reclaiming Ravished Paradise, Aftermath Armenian Genocide and Quest for Ravished Paradise, form a memorable monument dedicated to the memory of our dear martyrs. In these three volumes with Ravished Paradise, you gave the whole testimony of the Armenian people's inhuman destiny from the genocide until our days. You told with great authenticity and historic facts…."


Khajak Arch. Barsamian, Primate

Diocese of the Armenian Church of America, Eastern

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