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Mardig Madenjian was born in Beirut, Lebanon, to Armenian parents survivors of the genocide of 1915. He immigrated in 1986 to Pasadena, California, where he lives with his wife and two adult children. In Montreal, Canada, he has a daughter, her husband and two granddaughters.


In the U.S. he changed his profession from land surveyor and worked for five years as editor of a bilingual Armenian-English weekly newspaper. He compiled two large volumes of his writings published in that newspaper. Thus, he became a publicist, author, MC and orator. He studied photojournalism and received an Associate in Arts degree (AA).


His love for books attracted him to work as a librarian since 1996, which has helped him in his research.

He has published three booklets: Life of Saint Rita (in Armenian, 2000, 2003, 2006, and in English, 2011).

In 2011, he published Life of Padre Pio, 20th Century Miracle Worker, (in Armenian).


Mardig researched for twelve years to complete the trilogy about the life of his parents. In volume I Ravished Paradise - Forced March to Nothingness (in English), he writes about the Armenian Genocide, World War I, and political intrigues.

In volume II, Reclaiming Ravished Paradise (in English) covers World War II, survivors’ life in Lebanon and their struggle to live decently.


Volume III, Quest for Ravished Paradise (in English) covers a visit in 2007 to the native village of his parents in Turkey, Chepni, in Sivas province.


The books are called a trilogy, but each book is a standalone story in its own right.


In April 2013, he published the Armenian version of his trilogy’s first volume, Pernakravvaz Terakhde, Pernakaght Tebi Vochinchoutioun.


In October 2013, he published Nor Orerou Fedayiner, Lipanani Mer Deghake (in Armenian), (Our Boys of Lebanon, Nowadays’ Fedayeen), a chronological account of the twenty years of the Lebanese civil war.


In May 2014, he published the trilogy's second volume in Armenian Mer Hoghere, Mer Hoghere, (Our Lands, Our Lands or Reclaiming Ravished Paradise);


In June 2014, he reprinted the sold-out first Armenian volume of Ravished Paradise, Forced March to Nothingness after a successful edition.


Also in June 2014, he published in Armenian a story similar to Romeo and Juliette, Garo and Maro, and the Invasion of Khanasor, a love story between the Armenian freedom fighters in 1897.


In July 2014, he published the third volume of the trilogy, Ayseloutioun Pernakravvadz Terakhdin (Quest for Ravished Paradise).


In September 2014, he reprinted the sold-out best seller Lipanani Mer Deghake (Our Boys of Lebanon, Nowadays’ Fedayeen).


In February 2015, he published Esbidag Leran Herosamardere (The Heroic Battles on White Mountain).


In September 2015, in Lebanon, the Armenian Community commemorated the 40th Anniversary of the Lebanese Civil War, and Mardig’s book, Our Boys of Lebanon was published for that occasion by Hamazkayin Cultural Association and became a hit.


Finally,  Armenian History Books officially published in January 2016 the original English version of Ravished Paradise – Forced March to Nothingness.


As a speaker, Madenjian gave four speeches in 2014, from September to November in four different cities of Southern California, during the commemoration months of the Armenian Genocide centennial and presented the second volume in Armenian of his trilogy called “Our Lands, Our Lands.

In October of the same year, he was interviewed by Horizon Armenian TV channel about his books and speeches. It can be viewed on YouTube, under the title “Asbarez, Our Land, Our Lands”.


In 2015, Mardig gave six speeches presenting his book Heroic Battles on White Mountain in five different cities of Orange County and Los Angeles. After the presentations, Mardig’s books were widely demanded by the audience.


He gave a speech again in October of 2015, in the Month of Armenian Literature and Letters.

On May 20, 2016, Western Region Chapter of Hamazkayin Cultural Association organized a night with Mardig Madenjian to present his trilogy’s first volume published in English.

On July 21, 2016, his book Ravished Paradise, Forced March to Nothingness won first place in history category at the Hollywood Book Festival.


On March 31, 2016, he presented the book Ravished Paradise,

Forced March to Nothingness to the parents and staff in Sequoyah School.


He presented Ravished Paradise… to the members of Hamazkayin Cultural Association's "Levon Shant" chapter on May 20, 2016.


On July 20, he mailed copies of Ravished Paradise…. as a token of gratitude for the recognition of the Armenian Genocide by the Bundestag to German Federal President Joachim Gauck, to Chancellor Angela Merkel, to Cem Ozdemir, to German Ambassador Peter Wittig in Washington, to German General Consul in Los Angeles,.


On July 21, 2016, Hollywood Book Festival 2016 informed him that his book Ravished Paradise, Forced March to Nothingness was the winner in history category.


On August 17, 2016, the Organization of Istanbul Armenians (OIA) invited Madenjian to present his book Ravished Paradise, Forced March to Nothingness to its members on the occasion of the literary committee's 40th Anniversary. He presented also a movie recorded by him during his visit to Chepni, his parents' village.


On Aug. 18, Mardig received the certificate awarded to his book Ravished Paradise, Forced March to Nothingness in history category in Hotel Roosevelt.


On November 5th, Altadena Public Library organized a discussion with Mardig Madenjian presenting his award winner book Ravished Paradise…


In January 2017, Mardig and the Armenian History Book published the sequel to Ravished Paradise titled Reclaiming Ravished Paradise, Aftermath Armenian Genocide.


In April 1st, Armenian History Books and Mardig Madenjian published the chronological account of the four days bloody war called The Four Days War initiated by Azerbaijani government to grab more territories from the Republic of Artsakh.


April 5th, 2017, the Armenian Catholic Church of Montreal organized a meeting with Mardig Madenjian to present his award winner book Ravished Paradise… to the members of the community.


On July 24, Hollywood Book Festival published the list of winners. Reclaiming Ravished Paradise Aftermath Armenian Genocide was the winner in Sequel category, runner-up in History category and runner-up in General Non-Fiction category.

On August 18, 2017, the ceremony of awards presentation was held in the historic Hotel Roosevelt in Hollywood.



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